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A B2B marketplace

for ground travel

Connecting carriers to agents and service hubs

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Fast hassle-free payment settlement

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Trusted by agents and carriers worldwide

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Global 24/7 support

Seatka benefits

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Global coverage

Thousands of connected global and very local carriers, booking hubs, and sales agents around the world

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Variety of payment options

Reliable settlement

Enjoy flexible payment options. Buy-now-pay-later for trusted agents.

Automated multi-regional multi-currency settlement.

Always receive your payouts.

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Cross-carrier connections

Build and book multi-leg routes

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All-in-one API

A unified Seatka API for OTAs, booking services and hubs

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Stay out of hassle with 24/7 support hotline

For digitalized and conventional carriers

Seatka Bus business automation suite onboard

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Manage your fleet, dispatching, routes, trips, drivers, and tickets in a lightweight yet powerful automation suite

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Go cashless accepting a variety of payment methods from travelers

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Sell your available seat capacity through own channels. Publish seats to Seatka Hub to boost sales

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Reliable payments. Always get your money

For offline and online agents

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Fast digital onboarding. One standard agreement.

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Zero service fees. Your commission grows with your purchase volume. Earn more.

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Intuitive agent portal for offline agents and a single API for OTAs and service hubs

Instant commission payouts in your currency. Buy-now-pay-later for trusted agents.

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Agent, carrier, or partner contact

We are a global B2B mobility hub connecting regional carriers and sellers.

Talk to us if you would like to enroll as an agent, or if you are a carrier, OTA, or a service hub looking to boost your sales.

We also welcome investors and partners to build the future of mobility together.

I am ...

  • an offline or online sales agent
  • a carrier or a service hub
  • an investor or a partner

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